Using Warehouse Space Effectively

Successful warehouse storage and space management also involves considering the entire available square footage, which includes vertical space. Using the right storage system, you can stack containers and build upward instead of purchasing additional space if and when your inventory grows. Taking advantage of available vertical storage helps lower warehousing costs and keeps your space organized in an efficient manner.

Organization is Key to Warehouse Space Management

Good organization is a must when you’re dealing with a large amount of inventory, various size containers and other equipment. A disorganized warehouse will cost your company in wasted time, lost or damaged items and other issues.

Start by separating your stock according to value. Store the most profitable or most used items closest to the packing and shipping zones, followed by the second-most profitable and so on. Everything in the warehouse should be labeled clearly for quick identification. This will help reduce picking errors. Review your warehouse’s organization at regular intervals to ensure it’s still the most efficient layout for your current business needs.

Creating a perfect warehouse space management strategy requires trial and error, so it’s normal to move things around from time to time. Keep these tips in mind as you go, and you’ll appreciate a warehouse that runs efficiently and is organized according to your unique needs.

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