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What Is a Warehouse Space?

“Commercial warehouse space” describes a warehouse used primarily to store inventory, although the facility is home to other activities, too.

In addition to pallets and boxes, this type of warehouse might also have machinery, offices, a loading dock and other elements that enable it to operate.

A distribution center—which stores, packs and ships goods—can also be considered a commercial warehouse space.

What Is an Industrial Space?

“Industrial space” is more commonly used to identify a building used for manufacturing, production, fabrication, assembling and conducting meetings. And, while industrial space can also include warehousing tasks, it doesn’t always have to be a warehouse property.

Industrial space is most commonly occupied by a lone business. As a result, an industrial space is typically where the business operates, so it often has a combination of both office space and manufacturing or warehousing space.

Is a Warehouse or Industrial Space Right for My Business?

How can you tell whether you need commercial warehouse space or industrial space for your specific business? The answer is determined by what you need. For instance, if you only need to store product or inventory, then a commercial warehouse is most likely the best choice. But if you need to also manufacture products or run a business, you might want industrial space because it’s usually better outfitted with offices, equipment and other resources.

It may seem like there aren’t big differences between these two types of spaces, but choosing the wrong one can end up costing your business more money. For instance, if you choose a warehouse when you actually need industrial space, you might have to retrofit the building to accommodate your equipment or needs, which would cost time and money.

At Prologis, we have leased warehouse space available around the world. No matter where your business is located, take advantage of our easy leasing terms and state-of-the-art facilities.


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