Accelerating Innovation

Established in 2016, Prologis Ventures is building the future of commerce. We invest in Series A through Growth stage companies focused on innovating across the logistics sector.

Our thesis-driven investment strategy is centered on addressing Prologis customers' most critical pain points in supply chain and transportation, digital buildings and infrastructure, and real estate and construction.

Leveraging Prologis’ global network and deep industry expertise, Prologis Ventures is the partner of choice to accelerate growth, navigate challenges and bring innovative solutions to market.

Alongside Ventures, Prologis Labs is a testing ground for innovation that is the key starting point for customer-led inventions that are revolutionizing logistics.

Prologis ventures: investment focus

We invest in early- and growth-stage companies that are transforming industries, with a focus on three main verticals:

Supply Chain & Transportation

We search for technology that increases resiliency, efficiency and visibility for our customers’ logistics operations.

Digital Buildings & Infrastructure

We invest in infrastructure that empowers next-generation technology and identify tools that unveil actionable insights for Prologis and our customers.

Real Estate & Construction

We invest in transformational technology that supports our passion for continuous improvement.


Global Investments

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Prologis Ventures

William O’Donnell

Managing Partner, Prologis Ventures

Todd Lewis

Vice President, Prologis Ventures

Lisa Costello

Director, Head of Platform, Prologis Ventures

Rajeev Oak

Investment Manager, Prologis Ventures

Tori Deems

Manager, Head of Community, Prologis Ventures

Rae Oakley

Investment Manager, Impact

Lucy Sondland

Investment Associate, Prologis Ventures

Sunna Mansaray

Executive Assistant

Steve Campbell

Senior Advisor, Prologis Ventures

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Industry Innovation

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