Celebrating 40 Years of Excellence in Logistics Real Estate

We have been the world’s leading industrial real estate company for 40 years. See the key milestones that have helped us continue to build a better future for our customers and our company.


Douglas Abbey, Hamid Moghadam and T. Robert Burke (joined in 1984) establish AMB Property Corporation, focusing on investment in office, industrial and community shopping centers on behalf of major institutional investors.

Prologis Timeline - 1983 Douglas Abbey, Hamid Moghadam and T. Robert Burke sitting in an office and smiling


AMB refines its investment strategy over the next two years by exiting office markets and focusing on industrial and shopping centers in infill trade areas.

Prologis Timeline - 1987 AMB shopping center, surrounded by palm trees


The company that is to later become ProLogis is incorporated as Security Capital Industrial Trust (SCI).

Prologis Timeline - 1991 A truck court and parking lot behind an AMB building


SCI makes its initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange.

Prologis Timeline - 1994 Stock Certificate


SCI expands outside the United States for the first time with acquisitions in Mexico.

Exterior photo of an SCI building in Mexico


AMB closes its initial public offering, with more than $2.8 billion in assets.

Prologis Timeline - 1997 Members of Prologis management on the crowded floor of the stock exchange


The company establishes its first European office in Amsterdam.

Prologis Timeline - 1997 4 members of AMB Management in 1997 behind a dinner table holding awards


SCI officially changes its name to Prologis. The company acquires Meridian Industrial Trust for $1.5 billion.

Prologis Timeline - 1998 Original green Prologis logo


AMB exits community shopping center investments to focus on industrial properties in targeted markets.

Prologis Timeline - 1999 Exterior photo of an AMB building and parking lot in Charlotte, NC


Prologis forms its first property fund, Prologis California ($556 million), and the Prologis European Property Fund.

Prologis Timeline - 1999 Prologis European Properties logo


Prologis announces its entry into the Japanese market.

Prologis Timeline - 2001 The Japanese flag shown flying between skyscrapers


AMB launches its international expansion program focused on trade-centric locations in Mexico, Europe and Asia.

Prologis Timeline - 2002 World map with North America, Europe and China highlighted, with a text overlay of trade-centric cities


Prologis forms the Prologis Japan Properties Fund ($1 billion) with the Government of Singapore Real Estate.

Prologis Timeline - 2002 GIC logo


Prologis is added to the S&P 500. The company announces its entry into the Chinese market.

Prologis Timeline - 2003 Chinese flag shown flying next to skyscrapers


AMB forms the first open-end commingled fund by an REIT—AMB Institutional Alliance Fund III. It also establishes new business lines, including direct development and additional private capital products, over the next two years.

Prologis Timeline - 2004 Metal framing for a warehouse under construction with blue sky above


Prologis acquires Keystone Industrial Trust for $1.5 billion. The company forms its first joint venture in China with Suzhou Logistics Center Co. Ltd.

Prologis Timeline - 2004 Exterior shot of a warehouse truck court


Prologis completes a merger with Catellus, a North American industrial development company, for $5.3 billion.

Prologis Timeline - 2005 Catellus logo


Prologis becomes a FORTUNE 1000 company. The Prologis European Properties Fund completes initial public offering on the Euronext exchange in Amsterdam.

Prologis Timeline - 2006 Fortune 100 Logo


Prologis releases the real estate industry’s first annual sustainability report, well ahead of the competition.

Prologis Timeline - 2007 a multi-story warehouse with windmills on the perimeter


AMB completes its equity offering, fortifying the balance sheet and securing projected capital needs through 2012.

Prologis Timeline - 2009 AMB Logo


Prologis sells its China operations and its 20% interest in Japan Property Funds to GIC Real Estate for $1.3 billion.

Prologis Timeline - 2009 photo of the exterior of a warehouse and truck court at dusk


AMB forms Mexico Fondo Logistico, the first of its kind industrial venture for Mexican pension funds (AFORES).

Prologis Timeline - 2010 Mexican Flag in front of a city


Prologis closes the sale on a majority of Catellus retail and mixed-use assets to affiliates of TPG Capital (TPG) for $353 million, including rights to the Catellus name.

Prologis Timeline - 2011 TPG logo


AMB forms a €470 million Joint Venture with Allianz Real Estate, marking Allianz Real Estate’s largest joint venture and biggest foray into the logistics space at that time.

Prologis Timeline - 2011 Allianz logo on the top of a building


Prologis and AMB complete a merger of equals to create the preeminent global industrial real estate company, with more than $40 billion of assets under management and a platform of logistics and distribution facilities on four continents.

Prologis Timeline - 2011 Prologis logo on a flag outside of the stock exchange building


Prologis assumes 100% control of Prologis European Properties (PEPR) ahead of schedule, thus liquidating the fund. Assets received include 210 facilities covering 48.4 million square feet (4.5 million square meters) across 11 countries.

Prologis Timeline - 2012 photo of a Prologis building in Europe at dusk


Nippon Prologis REIT, Inc. (NPR), a Japanese real estate investment trust, successfully completes its initial public offering on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. NPR provides investors a unique investment opportunity and further positions Prologis for sustained growth in Japan.

Prologis Timeline - 2013 Hamid Moghadam ringing the Tokyo Stock Exchange bell


Prologis European Logistics Partners Sarl, a joint venture with Norges Bank Investment Management, manager of the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global, closes with an initial acquisition of 195 Class-A properties comprising 49msf (4.5msm).

Prologis Timeline - 2013 Norges Bank Kirkegata


Prologis completes its IPO for FIBRA Prologis, the first IPO for a FIBRA in Latin America in 2014. FIBRA Prologis comprises approximately 30 msf (2.8 msm) across six markets in Mexico.

Prologis Timeline - 2014 Prologis Fibra logo


Prologis completes the acquisition of the real estate assets and operating platform of KTR Capital Partners (KTR) and its affiliates for a total purchase price of $5.9 billion.

Prologis Timeline - 2015 Photo of the exterior of a warehouse with blue skies and palm trees


Moody's Investors Service (Moody's) upgraded Prologis, L.P.'s senior unsecured rating to A3 from Baa1. The rating service also upgraded the ratings on Prologis’ preferred stock to Baa1 from Baa2.

Prologis Timeline - 2016 Moody's investors service logo


S&P Global Ratings raised Prologis, Inc.'s rating to A- from BBB+, citing its diversified real estate portfolio and potential for rent growth.

Prologis Timeline - 2016 S&P Global Ratings logo


Prologis completes an all-stock acquisition of DCT Industrial Trust for $8.5 billion.

Prologis Timeline - 2018 DCT Industrial logo


Prologis expands beyond real estate and launches the Essentials platform, addressing critical fulfillment center challenges with next-generation solutions.  

Prologis Essentials Logo


Prologis completes an acquisition of the wholly owned real estate assets of Industrial Property Trust for approximately $4 billion in cash.

Prologis Timeline - 2020 Industrial Property Trust logo


Prologis completes an all-stock acquisition of Liberty Property Trust for $13 billion.

Prologis Timeline - 2020 Liberty Property Trust logo


Prologis becomes the first logistics REIT with a science-based carbon-emissions target, updating an ambitious company goal to reach net zero by 2040. 

Prologis Tilburg Arial photo with windmill in the background


Prologis completes an all-stock transaction of Duke Realty for approximately $23 billion.

Duke Realty Logo
Park Grande, Building


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