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Where are Industrial Real Estate Facilities Located?

There are two basic location strategies for industrial real estate. Some industrial real estate is located adjacent to key transportation hubs—seaports, highway and rail junctions, and airports. Increasingly, in response to burgeoning e-commerce and consumer demand for same-day and next-day fulfillment, industrial real estate facilities are also located in infill locations within or proximate to large population centers.

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Build-to-Suit Development

Build-to-Suit, or BTS, is an approach to logistics real estate development where Prologis manages the entire process of delivering a facility tailored to a customer’s specific needs. BTS is an ideal option for companies with unusual or complex specifications for a facility. Prologis BTS services are unique in that they provide a streamlined process for customer-led development that draws on the breadth and depth of our experience in logistics real estate.

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What is the Prologis Land Bank?

To enable quick and efficient delivery, e-commerce providers need distribution centers located close to their end consumers. As a result, many Prologis customers gravitate to major population centers where logistics space is limited. Fortunately, Prologis has been securing and permitting land in key locations for decades.

Sustainable designed warehouse space in Tepotzotlan for lease.

What is Sustainable Development?

Prologis develops logistics real estate facilities designed to ensure our customers and communities thrive and prosper, today and tomorrow. That’s why our facilities integrate geographically relevant sustainable design features. Prologis leads the industrial real estate industry in certified sustainable logistics facilities.