Logistics Real Estate Can Offer Unique Opportunities for Investors:

  • Strong historical risk-adjusted returns with low relative volatility
  • Stable market dynamics with supply closely tracking demand, aided by a relatively short industrial real estate development cycle
  • High income returns with low capital expenditures relative to other real estate property types
  • Barriers to entry created by challenges to assembling logistics real estate in quantity and difficulties entitling land in key markets

Commitment and One-Portfolio Policy

The world’s leader in logistics real estate is committed to alignment of interests with our co-investment partners, proactive risk management and unswerving transparency.

  • Co-investment of 15-55% of our capital alongside our partners—the best way to align interests
  • Incentive-based compensation with profits earned after surpassing return thresholds in some venture
One-portfolio policy
  • All assets managed on an ownership-blind basis
  • Scaled operating platform provides customers alternatives and consistent service excellence across markets and countries
  • Owners and investors benefit when customers’ needs are met
Risk mitigation
  • Actively evaluate business, financial and market risks
  • Local Prologis teams committed to enhancing customer relationships, community engagement, leasing space and identifying and resolving issues
Communication and transparency
  • Best-in-class reporting, research, insights and access to in-house experts
  • Open dialogue with advisory councils, investor advisory committees and annual meetings
Allocation policy
  • Funds and ventures generally prioritized above balance sheet for new investments
  • Consistent rotation policy

Product Offerings

Our six private and two public co-investment vehicles invest in logistics real estate facilities with specific geographic and risk profiles.

The Americas
Co-Investment Venture / Fund Formed Type | Structure Strategy
Prologis Targeted U.S. Logistics Fund 2004 Private | Open Core United States
Prologis U.S. Logistics Venture 2014 Private JV | Closed Core United States
Prologis Brazil Logistics Venuture 2019 Private JV | Closed Core & Development Brazil
FIBRA Prologis* 2014 Public | Open Core Mexico
Co-Investment Venture / Fund Formed Type | Structure Strategy
Prologis European Logistics Fund 2007 Private | Open Core Europe
Prologis European Logistics Partners 2013 Private JV | Closed Core Europe
Prologis UK Logistics Venture 2017 Private JV | Closed Core & Development Europe
Co-Investment Venture / Fund Formed Type | Structure Strategy
Prologis China Logistics Venture 2011 Private JV | Closed Core & Development China
Nippon Prologis REIT** 2013 Public Core Japan

As of March 31, 2019
*Trades on the Mexican Stock Exchange
**Trades on the Tokyo Stock Exchange


Martina M. Malone
Managing Director, Head of Capital Raising
+44 207 518 8711
3rd Floor, Bond Street House 14 Clifford Street
London W1S 4JU, UK
Leah K. Dillon
SVP, Client Relations
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Nathan Paine
SVP, Client Relations
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Luke Rottmann
VP, Client Relations
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Angeli Stirbei
VP, Marketing Communications
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Investor Relations Contact for FIBRA Prologis and Nippon Prologis REIT

Tracy Ward
SVP, Investor Relations
+1 415 733 9565
Pier 1, Bay 1
San Francisco, CA 94111, USA