Hauté Qualite Environmentale (HQE) is a certification that can be earned by building construction, management and urban planning projects in France. HQE promotes best practices and sustainability in construction projects, offering expert guidance throughout a project’s development cycle. HQE is managed by stakeholders belonging to HQE Association, a recognized public service organization. Three distinct groups administer certifications: one for local planning and non-residential buildings, a second for residential buildings and a third for detached houses.

Prologis has been working with Certivéa, the group responsible for delivering certification for local planning and non-residential buildings, since 2015. A subsidiary of the Scientific and Technical Center for Buildings, Certivéa is focused on urban sustainability. Certivéa evaluates and certifies office, sports, cultural, health, school, hotel, shopping and logistics facilities. Certivéa is the only certification body in the field of local planning and non-residential building certification that verifies performance requirements via third-party auditors.

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