Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency (CASBEE) is a system for evaluating and rating the environmental performance of buildings. A collaborative research committee comprising academics, industry, and national and local governments formed CASBEE in 2001. CASBEE is now an industry standard in Japan.

CASBEE is designed to enhance the quality of peoples’ lives, reduce resource use and diminish environmental loads associated with development—from a single home to a whole city. Various CASBEE schemes, supported by national and local governments, are deployed throughout Japan. As the sustainable building movement continues to evolve, CASBEE strives to continue to make meaningful contributions to solving global environmental issues through environmental assessments.

In addition to energy and resource savings, recycling performance and other environmental-impact reductions, the CASBEE system evaluates the environmental performance of buildings, including comfort and landscape considerations, using a five-tier ranking system of “S,” “A,” “B+,” “B-” and “C.”

As a global leader in the development of industrial warehouse facilities, Prologis sees the development of environmentally friendly facilities as our responsibility to our customers, communities and shareholders. Prologis has been consistently developing facilities that meet CASBEE assessment standards since 2007.

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