Developing a Warehouse Transition Plan

In most cases, a warehouse is still operating while in the process of moving, which means you will need to juggle two aspects of the business: the move and its ongoing operations. Because you will need to manage all points of operation and also move, communication among all team members is critical. Consider:

  • Who needs to be informed of the move? 
  • What is everyone's role in the move? 
  • How much manpower will be required to keep the business running while it’s in transition?
  • Do you have aged or dead inventory you can eliminate instead of moving it?
  • What is your total timeline and budget for the move?
  • Is it more cost efficient to move old equipment, or would it be cheaper to purchase new equipment?
  • Does the new space have everything you need to run your business, or will additional time and money be needed to update the facility?

Creating a Warehouse Move Checklist

A checklist will help make a warehouse move go smoothly because it details what you need to do, who to call and more.

  • Book a moving company and schedule the move. The earlier you do this, the better because moving companies are sometimes booked for months in advance. Research movers, compare quotes and book the best one for the day of your planned move.
  • Organize inventory and items. Organize your inventory and everything else you plan to move to the new location. If the moving company will pack and move the items, then you need to mark anything fragile so they can take the necessary precautions.
  • Create employee work schedules. Create employee work schedules for the duration of the move, so everyone understands their duties. You will need some employees to help with the move and set up at the new location. You will also need employees to keep the business running in the meantime.
  • Arrange contacts and phone numbers. Before the movers start, make sure they have the necessary phone numbers and other information in case they have to contact someone. Provide all employees and team members with a list of emergency contact numbers. This way, they can reach individuals or departments without searching for the right numbers or email addresses.
  • Consider who else needs to be informed about the move. Create a checklist that includes vendors and suppliers, the post office, utility companies, customers and partners.

Making the Most of the New Warehouse

To make your warehouse move even easier, map the new location before moving. The goal is to know where everything is going to go before you begin the process, which will help save time, effort and money. Before making the move, spend time at the new location to determine the best layout for operations. This way, the moving process will be as efficient as possible. 

Moving to a new location gives your business an opportunity to make a fresh start and allows you to streamline operations from the get-go. Take advantage of the openness of the new space and determine where inventory should be stored. Pay attention to how traffic should flow, where offices should be located and anything else to ensure you get the most out of the new space. For more assistance with locating a warehouse that meets your operation’s needs, contact Prologis.

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