Common Warehouse Processes

When you can optimize a warehouse process from top to bottom, you not only create a more organized and efficient business, you also introduce ways to save money. These common warehouse processes should be under constant scrutiny as you search for simplification and accuracy across your organization:

How to Optimize Your Warehouse Processes

In addition to the solutions mentioned above, use these 10 tips to optimize your warehouse process:

  1. Adopt lean warehousing practices.
  2. Process shipments when they arrive, not later.
  3. Schedule receiving appointments to prevent loading dock traffic jams.
  4. Provide ongoing training for workers.
  5. Review your warehouse layout and revise if necessary.
  6. Organize your inventory.
  7. Run an audit on your warehouse.
  8. Prioritize your inventory based on the ABC hierarchy.
  9. Evaluate the effectiveness of your supply chain.
  10. Communicate effectively with your workers.

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