Warehouse Storage Ideas

How you store inventory can also have an impact on security. For instance, expensive or highly desirable items should be stored in a locked cage. You can also install glass break detection sensors on your warehouse’s windows so that an alarm alerts the facility’s monitoring center any time a pane of glass is broken.

Environmental protections should also be used when inventory needs to be maintained at a certain temperature or humidity. With this type of security in place, you’ll receive an alert if the environment experiences a change that could affect inventory.

Using vertical storage techniques makes theft more difficult. Thieves usually want to move quickly and covertly. Making items hard to reach without the help of equipment lowers the risk of theft.

Best Practices for Warehouse Security

There’s a lot that goes into keeping your inventory and warehouse secure. To improve warehouse security:

  • Keep the areas designated for receiving and dispatching physically separated.
  • Do a comprehensive background check when hiring new employees.
  • Invest in ongoing employee training.
  • Eliminate manual data entry, and use RFID or barcode scanning instead.
  • Protect entrance and exit doors with a quality physical access control system.  
  • Create and adhere to a security policy to remove trash and scrap from the warehouse.
  • Unload vehicles through separate channels.
  • Install a CCTV surveillance system so internal and external activities can be monitored.
  • Restrict visitors from roaming the premises, unless supervised.
  • Acquire an appropriate alarm system.
  • Establish a proper control for the outgoing shipping consignment.
  • Inspect all vehicles that enter and exit the warehouse.
  • Implement security lighting inside and outside the warehouse.
  • Place guards at all entrance and exit checkpoints.
  • Review, test and maintain the warehouse security system on a regular basis.
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