The Best-Located Logistics Real Estate

Gateway Facilities

As the name suggests, these multi-market buildings incorporate access to major sea and intermodal ports.

Multi-Market Distribution

With the right balance between location and functionality, multi-market distribution facilities tend to be newer, larger and located at key transportation hubs at the periphery of major urban areas.

City Distribution

Well-positioned to provide one to two day shipping to an entire large market, city distribution property buildings are typically small to mid-sized and located in urban areas.

Prologis Last Touch®

Last Touch® properties can reach large, dense, affluent populations within hours. Our Last Touch® distribution hubs enable faster, more efficient delivery from e-commerce providers to consumers’ homes.

The Highest Quality Logistics Real Estate

Aerial view of solar panels on top of distribution center at Capelin, CA

Sustainable Design

We incorporate the latest sustainable design features into every new building we construct, helping customers benefit from cool roofs, energy-efficient lighting, solar and more.

CET and customer discuss tenant improvements in a warehouse.


We always put the customer first. That's why we offer you our scale and flexibility and let you lead the way in designing your custom-built solution.

Featured Available Properties

Park Grande, Building


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