Located in the International Trade and Logistics Park in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, the center is adjacent to the Xi’an Terminal of the Chang’an rail traveling between China and Europe, Xi’an Customs and Comprehensive Bonded Zone. Being the largest international trading platform in the northwest and the transit hub of road and rail transportation, it is regarded as an important node along the Belt and Road. Neighboring the Beijing-Kunming Expressway (G5), the center is 5 kilometers from downtown Xi’an. It is also well connected with most of the provinces and cities in the northwest via G5, making it an ideal location for regional distribution in northwest China.

Key Features
  • The site has good visibility from the south road (Panqian Road).
  • Excellent location for both city and regional distribution as well as international trade
  • Located in the International Trade & Logistics Park of the Xi’an