Excellent North Kent Valley location with easy access to I-5 and Highway 167.

Boost efficiency with the right racking

Prologis Essentials helps you plan, select and implement racking options quickly.

  • Better pricing on design, materials and install
  • Fast development and delivery of preconfigured layouts
  • Quality and reliability
Prologis Essentials Racking Solutions

Recommended Buildings for You

Prologis Park Kingsport
28,159 SF 2616 SQM 791 tsu

Prologis Park Kingsport

Excellent North Kent Valley location.
Prologis Park Kent 39
63,500 SF 5899 SQM 1785 tsu

Prologis Park Kent 39

Excellent Kent Valley location with easy access to SR 167. Within 8 miles of SeaTac International Airport.
Northwest Corporate Park Kent
26,864 SF 2496 SQM 755 tsu

Northwest Corporate Park Kent

Excellent Kent Valley 50-yard line location with great access to I-405 and SR-167.