Excellent Kent Valley location with immediate access to SR-167.

Boost efficiency with the right racking

Prologis Essentials helps you plan, select and implement racking options quickly.

  • Better pricing on design, materials and install
  • Fast development and delivery of preconfigured layouts
  • Quality and reliability
Prologis Essentials Racking Solutions

Recommended Buildings for You

Prologis Northwest Corporate Park Kent 14
48000 SF 4459.344 SQM 1348.952 tsu

Prologis Northwest Corporate Park Kent 14

This 90,780 SF industrial building is located in the heart of the Kent Valley with restaurants nearby and Southcenter's retail shops just minutes away
Prologis Park O'Donnell 2
68455 SF 6359.675 SQM 1923.802 tsu

Prologis Park O'Donnell 2

92,318 square foot building on the 50 yard line of the Kent Sub-market. This building boasts multiple grade level loading doors and a strong corporate
Prologis Park Kent 17
33840 SF 3143.838 SQM 951.011 tsu

Prologis Park Kent 17

This stand-alone building boasts a 26' clear height and displays a strong corporate image complete with an elegant glass storefront. This logistics