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In 2018, we became the first logistics REIT with an approved science-based target. In 2022, we increased our ambition and updated this target: We will reach net zero emissions across our value chain by 2040. Read the press release.

This goal encompasses Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and includes several interim targets to support our progress, including:

  • 1 gigawatt of solar generation capacity (supported by storage) by 2025.
  • Carbon neutral construction by 2025.
  • Net zero for operations by 2030.

We anticipate that energy consumption across our industry will continue to rise in line with increased demand for building electrification, automation of warehouse operations and fleet decarbonization. We can optimize energy use and minimize greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by:

  • Operating buildings more efficiently (electrification, LED lighting, cool roofs).
  • Generating and delivering renewable energy to our customers to support their operations, including their use of EVs.
  • Pursuing sustainable building certifications for all new developments and redevelopments. This includes constructing more efficient buildings and using lower-emissions materials and methods.

We submitted a letter of commitment regarding our net zero goal to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) for validation. In addition, we committed to partner with leading external groups to drive decarbonization across the industry value chain, including sustainable building materials innovation.

For details about our climate strategy and data, please see our latest ESG Report.

A vision of the vital role of logistics real estate in combating climate change

“The Net Zero Standard, established by the Science Based Targets initiative, is considered the gold standard and used by leading global corporations. Prologis is creating some of the most groundbreaking energy solutions to combat climate change while dramatically reducing the overall cost of operations for our customers.”
—Susan Uthayakumar, chief energy and sustainability officer, Prologis


Increasing our climate ambition

Net Zero Infographic

Follow our progress to net zero

We are committed to this initiative and will provide visibility into our progress toward this important goal. Please check back often to see how we're doing, and read the 2021 Prologis ESG Report and Executive Summary for more information on Prologis ESG.

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