Dongguan Shipai Logistics Center serves e-commerce customers in South China.

Prologis China Named E-Commerce Logistics Park Operator of the Year

China E-Commerce Association honors Prologis China with Operator of the Year award.

Solar paving tiles generate clean energy for electric vehicles at Prologis Park Budapest-Harbor

Prologis and Platio Test World’s First Solar Sidewalk Paving System at a Logistics Park

Hungarian startup will supply green energy to an electric vehicle charging station at Prologis Park Budapest-Harbor.


Prologis Isaac Blum laptops donate PCs for People

Holiday Help: Prologis Donates Laptops to Community

Prologis equips hundreds of Denver families by upcycling unused laptops.

Prologis Exit 7 Distribution Center, Washington Township, New Jersey.

Industrial Warehouse Boom Fuels US Labor Market

Online shopping brings jobs and breathes new life into towns hard hit by declining industries.

Prologis' Deborah Briones, Ed Nekritz and Tracy Ward at the Corporate Governance Awards

Prologis Named Finalist for Best Proxy Statement

For the second consecutive year, Prologis was a finalist in the Best Proxy Statement category at the Corporate Secretary Corporate Governance Awards.

An Amazon distribution center at Prologis International Park of Commerce, Tracy, California

How Prologis Became “The Warehouse King”

Early insights into technology and the future of e-commerce laid the foundation for Prologis to become the world's largest owner of industrial real...

Santa's Supply Chain Modernization

Santa’s Supply Chain Modernization

Ever wonder how Santa delivers all those presents in a single night? To deliver on time, Santa—like everyone else—looks for logistics space close to...

Institutional Investor

Institutional Investor Ranks Prologis CFO Tom Olinger and Investor Relations Team Best-in-Class

The investment community recognized Prologis' Investor Relations team for excellence and leadership in the REIT sector.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Stories from the Field: Communities Pull Together in the Wake of North American Natural Disasters

When disaster strikes, we do all we can to help our families, our staff and communities--from donating buildings to donating blood.

California Governor Jerry Brown addressed the crowd at Proterra's new City of Industry facility.

World’s Longest-Range Zero-Emissions Electric Bus Unveiled at Facility Opening

California Governor Jerry Brown and business leaders attended ribbon cutting ceremony for industry-leading electric bus factory.