Prologis Simplifies Leasing Process with Clear Lease™ Launch

Our customer experience program identifies customer pain points and fixes them.  

Annual common area maintenance (CAM) reconciliations—known as service charge reconciliations (SCR) in Europe—are a recurring challenge for our customers. They dread the unexpected expenses that sometimes occur, causing them to miss departmental or even enterprise budgets. Customers prefer a transparent leasing process with greater certainty. That’s how Clear LeaseTM came to be.

Clear LeaseTM consists of base rent, plus a fixed charge inclusive of all operating expenses, management fees, capital repair and replacement expenses—except real estate taxes and, in Europe, utilities. Clear LeaseTM is our new standard lease.

With Clear LeaseTM, lease negotiations move faster, and difficult conversations are minimized. Because of its simplicity, customers quickly and accurately understand how lease terms impact business operations. They no longer waste time trying to understand and audit annual expenses, which means they spend more time growing their businesses.

(Please note: This video is specific to Clear LeaseTM in the U.S. and Mexico.)

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