Sustainability goals with perks

As companies look to Prologis for help cutting energy consumption in their warehouses and attaining sustainability goals, other benefits rise to the surface, such as lowering the cost of decarbonization, achieving ESG initiatives, increasing employee safety and even making procurement more convenient. Prologis Essentials helps customers renovate their warehouses with state-of-the-art LED lighting and solar power to improve productivity and employee safety, reduce costs and save energy. Along the way, customers often learn that the platform also provides a convenient one-stop solution for products and services.

Energy—just the first step

A customer contacted Prologis with a goal to cut energy consumption while improving overall productivity and safety in the workplace. Our team of Prologis Essentials Solutions Managers (ESMs) crafted a unique strategy to support the 3PL’s warehouse conversion to LED lighting and solar power. The upgrades reduced costs, improved productivity and created a safer work environment.

Cut energy costs and increase convenience

The customer sought a comprehensive plan to slash energy costs, modernize lighting and revamp the overall procurement process. Our ESM team achieved these goals and more via:

  • LED fixtures.
  • Prologis SolarSmart.
  • Prologis Essentials Marketplace.
LED Lighting Installation

LED implementation

After initial conversations, Prologis briefed the customer’s senior executives about its LED and solar installation experience and successes, as well as the estimated carbon reductions related to the energy upgrades. Leadership decided to move forward with LED implementation in its Columbus, Ohio, location and pursue audits and quotes for their remaining North American facilities.

Centralized procurement across facilities

During a customer care visit, a Prologis Essentials solutions manager discussed the advantages of LED lighting with one of the company’s warehouse managers in Columbus. At the time, the 3PL’s director of procurement was in search of a way for his centralized team to support a corporate-wide initiative to lower the carbon footprint across its entire warehouse portfolio. Prologis ESMs sprang to action, creating a strategy for a more efficient, sustainable procurement process for all locations.

Quite frankly, we didn’t know all the things that Prologis Essentials offered. Once we registered and started looking around, we could see this solution as a very convenient way for us to satisfy procurement demands from both our warehouse managers as well as our company’s leadership team.

–Prologis Customer

Next-level customer care led to expanded opportunities

Significant progress was made to reach the 3PL’s overall sustainability and procurement goals. A company manager from the Dallas branch praised the Prologis team for exemplary workmanship on the LED installation and for tailoring the install to his schedule to avoid disrupting his team’s operations. Additionally, as the energy-saving solutions were put into place across the warehouse network, the company’s executive team discovered the many products and services that can be procured through Prologis Essentials. In the end, the Prologis Essentials team:

  • Converted a series of warehouses to LED lighting and solar power.
  • Helped centralize management of LED and solar power installations across the company’s warehouses to achieve a corporate objective to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Reduced the company’s total carbon emissions by 2,401 metric tons globally through combined LED installations.
  • Cut emissions by an additional 1,358 metric tons via solar installations.
  • Streamlined the procurement process for products and services.

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