• Help procure a wide variety of forklifts, along with essential maintenance and fleet optimization.


  • Electric pallet jacks.
  • Sit-down forklifts.
  • Scissor lifts.
  • Narrow aisle reach trucks.
  • Sweeper scrubbers.
  • Full maintenance services.
  • Intelligent forklift telematics.


  • Equipped new building fully in time to begin operations.

Prologis has the expertise to equip—not just build—the customer’s specialized cold-room facility

To keep up with business expansion, one of the largest meal kit providers in the United States contracted Prologis to build a new cold-room facility in Phoenix, Arizona. The customer was familiar with Prologis’ development capabilities, but didn’t initially realize Prologis Essentials could offer the same level of expertise, breadth and efficiency when it came to procuring a fleet of forklifts.

Customized fleet of forklifts delivered in time.

For this specialized food-handling facility—with a separate storage area for meal components and a production area where employees build meal kits—the customer relied on the expertise of a Prologis Essentials material handling equipment partner to ensure the specs, scope and number of forklifts were correct for the facility.

Our partner also advised the customer on forklift best practices for maintenance and new technologies, including batteries and chargers. A strong partner is critical to provide after-market support, so we bundled fast response times and full-maintenance services to reduce downtime and customer maintenance costs.

With access to world-class products and Prologis-preferred pricing, Prologis Essentials proved to be the ideal solution to fully equip the new building in time. Our partner provided short-term rentals to ensure equipment would be there on day one of operations, despite extensions in purchase lead times.

Telematics optimize fleet operations and employee productivity

In addition to properly maintaining its forklifts to keep them up and running, our customer also wanted to ensure drivers would be fully productive. The Prologis Essentials team worked to achieve this by bundling a forklift fleet management system into the package with our partners. Intelligent forklift telematics collect data for both vehicles and operators to provide management with actionable insights in a number of important areas: access control, regulatory compliance, accidents and overall vehicle performance. Prologis Essentials was able to coordinate the delivery of everything needed in time for operations to begin in the new building.

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