What is Industrial Real Estate?

Industrial real estate is one of the major types of income-producing commercial real estate. Other types include offices, retail and hotels. Industrial real estate includes buildings used as factories, assembly plants, warehouses, and logistics facilities. A crucial part of the global supply chain, industrial real estate serves a vital function in enabling commerce and industry and ensuring the efficient flow of goods from makers to markets.


Industrial Real Estate Investment Trusts

Industrial Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are a popular form of ownership for industrial real estate. These for-profit companies own and manage industrial real estate buildings and rent them out to tenants. Many REITs are publicly held, meaning investors can buy and sell shares in them, as they would with mutual funds or stocks. REITs aim to provide a return through generating income and long-term capital gains. REITs have a unique legal structure under which they must pay out more than 90 percent of their taxable income as dividends to shareholders. Industrial REITs often focus on a particular type of property – for example, logistics and distribution facilities. Others might focus on factories or health care facilities. Industrial REITs offer investors liquidity – i.e. the ability to buy and sell shares with ease and transparency.


Prologis Leads the Industrial Real Estate Industry

Prologis owns, manages and invests in industrial real estate, thereby building and creating value for investors – on a global scale. Based in San Francisco, Prologis is the premiere global owner and manager of industrial space: $57.3 billion in total assets under management, 671 million square feet in 3,200 facilities, spread throughout 21 countries on four continents. Quietly ubiquitous, Prologis has operations in countries that represent more than 70 percent of global GDP. The company serves 5,200 customers, including many of the world’s largest retailers and manufacturers. The publicly held company, whose CEO was named one of the world’s top 100 by Harvard Business Review in 2016, builds and acquires industrial real estate facilities in key markets around the world. By virtue of its scale, scope, experience and performance, Prologis has become synonymous with global logistics real estate solutions.


Birmingham Midpoint DC1, Birmingham, England
West Midlands premier industrial and distribution Park is fully let to advanced manufacturing and major logistics customers.