Upper Silesia, located in the south of Poland bordering the Czech Republic and Slovakia, is the most industrialized and urbanized of Poland’s 16 provinces. The 70-plus cities in the region have a total population of approximately 4.5 million people.

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Katowice, the economic, industrial, cultural and administrative capital of Upper Silesia, has a population of about 290,000. Important industries in Upper Silesia include coal mining, iron and steel production, power plants and chemicals. Several auto companies have manufacturing operations in the region.

Katowice is a center of distribution for Upper Silesia’s growing consumer class. Boasting more than 2.84 million square meters of industrial properties and warehouses, Upper Silesia is the second-largest logistics market in Poland. A network of highways connects Katowice, which is just 300 kilometers from Warsaw, to major population centers in the region and in the rest of Poland.

In 2019, the Katowice International Airport handled a record 5 million passengers. The airport’s cargo volume continues to rise every year.
Prologis is the leading provider of industrial properties and warehouses in Upper Silesia.

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