The Pilsen region lies on the southwest border of the Czech Republic, close to Germany. The city of Pilsen, one hour from Prague and about 30 miles from the German border, is the economic and cultural capital of the region. A historic center of beer production, the city of Pilsen has a population of about 171,000—roughly one-third of the entire regional population of 577,000.

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Pilsen is an important logistics and distribution center and is regarded as the Czech Republic’s gateway to Europe. The city of Pilsen sits astride the D5 highway, which connects Prague to Bavaria. A network of freight rail lines courses through Pilsen.

Pilsen was the location of the country’s first municipal industrial zone. Manufacturing is the biggest sector in the Pilsen region, accounting for about one-third of employment. Foreign investment is anchored by large multinationals in the fields of electronics (Panasonic) and automotive (Skoda). Other significant industries include coal mining, agriculture and forestry. A strong network of warehouse and logistics facilities enables the movement of natural resources and finished products throughout the region.

Prologis has available warehouses in Pilsen and operates industrial properties throughout the Pilsen region.

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