Brno is the second-largest city in the Czech Republic and the historic capital and administrative center of Moravia. The population of the Brno metropolitan area is about 650,000.

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With a long history as a regional industrial powerhouse, companies in Brno manufacture a broad range of goods, including auto components, chemicals, textiles and pharmaceuticals. These manufacturers are served by a modern network of distribution and logistics facilities. In recent decades, Brno’s economy has shifted toward the service sector, as well as information and engineering technology, driven by an ample supply of highly educated workers from the city’s numerous universities and research institutions. IBM, Siemens and Red Hat are among the international companies that maintain facilities in the Brno area.

Brno’s strategic location along the highway and train routes that connect Prague, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest make it a crossroads of trade, logistics and distribution. The Brno-Turany Airport served more than 400,000 passengers and handled more than 4,000 tons of cargo in 2016.

Prologis owns land for development in the Brno region.

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