Foshan, China, is a thriving, wealthy industrialized city of about 7.4 million people. It derives much of its influence and importance from its geographic setting, which is adjacent to the thriving metropolis of Guangzhou on the Pearl River Delta, the first region in China to open to world markets.

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Thirty-five years of dramatic growth have lifted Foshan into the top tier of Chinese and global cities. Foshan is the third-largest city in Guangdong province by GDP, and its residents enjoy the ninth-highest per capita income in China.

The area’s vital industries include petrochemicals, electronics and equipment manufacturing. But Foshan is perhaps best known as a center of appliance manufacturing, hosting operational facilities for such giants as Guangdong Macro (gas heaters and ovens) and Midea (household appliances). A robust network of warehouses and industrial properties enable efficient distribution and movement of goods throughout the region.

Foshan’s logistics and transportation network is tightly integrated with Guangzhou’s. A subway connects the two cities. The Guangzhou Port is the eighth-busiest cargo port in the world and the fifth busiest in China, and Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, serving 55 million passengers in 2015, is China’s third-most active airport.

Prologis has available warehouses in Foshan and operates industrial properties throughout the Foshan region.

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