Liège, a historic university town in Belgium, occupies a central role in the 21st century European economy. The city has a population of 200,000 with 600,000 in the broader metropolitan region. With a highly educated population, Liège is home to significant biotechnology and information technology industries.

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Located on the Meuse River, Liège is the third most active river port in Europe. The Trilogiport—a multi-modal platform, integrating road, rail and waterways that opened in 2015—solidifies the region’s position as an important logistics and distribution hub. A network of highways, freight rail and high-speed trains coursing through the region ensure efficient circulation of goods and people.

Liege’s airport is the 28th-largest cargo airport in the world and the seventh largest in Europe. It is within a one-hour drive of large population centers, such as Cologne, Germany and Brussels. Multi-modal movement of goods through the region is enabled by a network of warehouses and industrial property.

Prologis has available warehouses in Liege and operates industrial properties throughout the Liege region.

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