The federal state of Bremen, with the cities of Bremen and Bremerhaven, has about 671,000 inhabitants, 557,000 in Bremen alone. As a metropolis for northwest Germany, Bremen  is the only German city to have an international airport only 10 minutes from the city center. Excellent connections to the port and motorways make Bremen an easily accessible logistics hub. Nowhere else are so many decision-makers, corporations and world brands concentrated in only 326 square kilometers.

The last decades have brought structural change to Bremen, shifting the state away from its historical reliance on shipbuilding and the port and turning to a future-oriented location with competence in high technology. With its newfound economic strengths, Bremen is one of the leading German regions in four sectors: aerospace, maritime economy and logistics, automotive and wind energy.

Bremen’s export rate of 56.3 percent in 2015 ranked it first among all German states. Some 22,000 employees work in the automotive, shipbuilding and aerospace construction sectors—accounting for 46 percent of all industrial workers. Around 62 percent of Bremen's industrial turnover was generated by these sectors.

Prologis operates numerous industrial properties and warehouses in Bremen.



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