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We've put together a thoughtful mix of interactive presentations and panel discussions, that offer a balanced view on today's market specifications. We will detail emerging considerations, especially related to new asset classes, types and innovation.

An integral part of getting the most out of our planned sessions is the special attention to interaction. All of the conference events are set up to offer maximum participation and interactivity - we want to hear from you, what you find relevant and what your own views are on the topics of the day. 

Tilburg DC5, the Netherlands WELL building

Next Generation Logistics

From big box logistics in urban peripheries to infill, multiple-story and mixed-use, what is the future shape of a logistics building? Understanding the global trends (urbanization, pollution, changing needs) driving these changes will help us understand how logistics needs may further integrate into our daily/urban lives. What practical implications do these changes have on the sector, the new risks that may arise, and our approach to valuations?

Tesla Power wall, battery storage - solar energy

Innovation in Logistics

Logistics buildings are getting smarter and more efficient. This topic will explore not only new technologies inside the building, but also innovations within the sector, such as supply chain collaboration, digital logistics and 'elastic' logistics, and how data utilization can transform asset management efficiency. Our goal is to better understand how these various aspects of innovation impact asset value.

Muggensturm DC2, Germany, carbon neutral

Valuing Green Buildings

Green logistics is a subset of innovation, but one which is more established in the sector. Many new logistics facilities include sustainability features and/or offer wellness programmes. Green investment opportunities are in high demand. How should we consider the value (and lower obsolescence risk) of new green buildings relative to earlier generation logistics. How do less quantitative sustainability features factor into asset value?

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