The last two years of disruption, delays and shortages have shined a bright light on the shortcomings of the national supply chain infrastructure. That’s why the Biden Administration is kicking off a new public-private partnership aimed at developing a digital sharing network to help improve the flow of goods in the United States. Prologis is one of the 18 organizations working with the federal government to create and launch this new tool, Freight Logistics Optimization Works (FLOW).

“Considering that the flow of goods through Prologis buildings represents 2.5% of global GDP, we play a unique role in the global supply chain,” said Gary Anderson, chief operating officer of Prologis. “We are pleased to be part of this effort to use data to improve the systems that support the movement of goods in this nation. We’re hopeful this public-private effort will help create a stronger, more resilient supply chain.”

What is the FLOW Initiative?

Freight Logistics Optimization Works (FLOW) is an information sharing initiative of the Biden Administration’s Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force intended to pilot freight information exchange. There are 18 initial participating organizations that play diverse roles across the supply chain. These groups will work with the Administration to develop a proof-of-concept tool meant to ease supply chain congestion, speed up the movement of goods, and ultimately cut costs for the consumer.

What problem is FLOW addressing?

Today, the supply chain is almost entirely privately operated with very little information shared across the different players, which include shipping lines, ports, terminal operators, truckers, warehouses, and beneficial cargo owners. This lack of information exchange can cause delays as cargo moves from one part of the supply chain to another, driving up costs and increasing fragility.

What role is Prologis playing?

The federal government asked Prologis to join the FLOW initiative given the part the company plays in the global supply chain. Prologis has an industry-leading, in-house research team that leverages the company’s powerful data platform to provide insights on industry trends. The company will be part of a working group that will evaluate opportunities to increase information sharing across the U.S. supply chain.

About Prologis’ Data and Research Team

Prologis’ Research department studies fundamental and investment trends and Prologis’ customers’ needs to assist in identifying opportunities and avoiding risk across four continents. The team contributes to investment decisions and long-term strategic initiatives, in addition to publishing white papers and other research reports. Prologis publishes research on the market dynamics impacting Prologis’ customers’ businesses, including global supply chain issues and developments in the logistics and real estate industries. Prologis’ research team works collaboratively with all company departments to help guide Prologis’ market entry, expansion, acquisition and development strategies.

Gary E. Anderson

Gary Anderson

Chief Operating Officer

Gary Anderson serves as Chief Operating Officer. He leads the company’s horizontal business initiatives globally, ensuring operational excellence and driving strategic innovation across the globe. He also oversees Prologis Essentials, a customer-focused digital platform of logistics solutions designed to create additional value beyond the company’s real estate offerings. Mr. Anderson is a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization - Gold. He serves on the board of directors for Colorado UpLift and the Prologis Foundation.

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