What if we could build an industrial building that generates more power than it consumes? Built with sustainable materials? A building that is truly net zero?

Prologis’ Eindhoven DC4 warehouse in the Netherlands is that building. This innovative building has made history as the worlds first industrial building to receive Zero Carbon Certification from the International Living Future Institute (ILFI). A global organization, ILFI assesses projects and buildings on sustainability throughout their lifecycle.

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The innovative facility, completed in 2020, used sustainable building materials for construction, designed for efficient operations and integrated an all-electric heating system. The foundation was poured with responsibly sourced concrete and nearby suppliers were used to lower the carbon emissions associated with construction. The result – a warehouse with net zero carbon emissions. 

Eindhoven DC4 stands apart from any other industrial building because for the year after it was completed, the Prologis team collected data and did analysis to prove out its efficiency and carbon impact. By 2030, the total emissions from the construction of the building will have been offset by the generation of onsite solar energy that exceeds the amount needed to power the facility.

Over the course of a year the building generates 3.5 MWh of electricity while only consuming 1.7 MWh. In other words, the total power remaining is equivalent to approximately 700 households (based on 2,500 kwh/yr, the average household consumption in Netherlands), making the building not only a warehouse but a source of renewable energy for the community.

For Prologis’ customer, GXO, the exceptional sustainability features align with the companys environmental targets: This fits perfectly with the bold environmental targets that we have set,” said Meagan Fitzsimmons, Chief Compliance and ESG Officer at GXO. We are immensely proud to partner with Prologis, and to be in the very first logistics facility worldwide that has a Zero Carbon Certification.

Better for the environment, better for the community

Built on a former waste dump, Eindhoven DC4 features ecological, nature-inclusive landscaping and measures to stimulate biodiversity, such as insect hotels, bird houses and native plants. As a result of its cutting-edge design, the warehouse has also received BREEAM Outstanding and WELL Gold Certifications.

Eindhoven DC4 Phase II

This was without a doubt a challenging and ambitious project. We tested new technology to improve the sustainability and successfully set a new bar for ourselves and the industry,said Greg Bauer, Global Head of Development Management at Prologis.

Lindsay Baker, CEO of ILFI says Eindhoven DC4 is a strong example of how companies are innovating to create more sustainable buildings. We hope this inspires many others to follow their lead,she said.

Martijn Kuijken Headshot

Martijn Kuijken

Director, Head of Development Management, Benelux

Martijn Kuijken is Head of Development Management for Prologis Benelux. He joined the company in 2015 as a Project Manager for the region. Previously, Martijn worked for five years at a local project and construction management office in the region South Netherlands. He holds a bachelor’s degree in building engineering and management from the University of Tilburg.

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