Charging Fleet of trucks

There’s a high demand for commercial electric vehicles (EVs), but the charging infrastructure needed to power those EVs takes an average of 6-18 months to complete. That can mean some companies – eager to get their clean fuel trucks on the road – have to wait. That’s where Prologis comes in.  

Let’s break it down.  

The challenge 

The need for power from the grid to charge these fleets is a real challenge. With the demand for electricity rising, the timelines for getting power connected to the electric grid can be months (or years!). Local utility companies often need to update the electric grid to deliver the power needed for charging, especially charging large trucks. There’s nothing that Prologis likes better than a challenge.  

The solution(s)  

To fill this gap, we partnered with Capstone Green Energy Corporation and Capstone Engineered Solutions Corporation to deploy a mobile microturbine-based solution fueled by renewable natural gas (RNG). This OnDemand Charging solution features a trailer-mounted microturbine complete with an on-board DC fast charger generating 180 kilowatts of power, capable of charging two class 8 battery-electric trucks simultaneously. It’s a super innovative way to help bridge the gap between when our customers want to get their trucks on the road and when the local utility can meet the required energy needs. While these mobile solutions are designed for rapid deployment, Capstone can also provide permanent solutions capable of operation on a variety of different green fuels from 65 kilowatts to multiple megawatts.  

We’re also working with Mainspring Energy to deploy fuel-flexible linear generators. These linear generators can provide a more permanent solution – onsite generation – and can run on RNG, green hydrogen, green ammonia and other clean fuels as they become available.  

Prologis Mobility installed our first OnDemand Charging microturbine at a Prologis facility in Torrance (Southern California) that is leased by global sports company PUMA. One portable microturbine can generate 180 kilowatts of power to charge up to two trucks at once.  

Did you know? 

Microturbines are cost-effective and versatile, making them an ideal solution for charging electric trucks. Not only does OnDemand Charging enable rapid deployment for EV charging, it’s also ideal for short-term job sites or as a backup solution if the grid goes out. Linear generators, also cost-effective, enable high efficiencies and near-zero NOx emissions. And both solutions are green and able to run on RNG.  

We’re excited about these offerings we developed alongside Mainspring Energy and Capstone. With these innovative solutions, we can help our customers more rapidly make the transition to clean fuel fleets.  

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Henrik Holland Face Shot

Henrik Holland

SVP, Global Head of Mobility, Prologis

Henrik Holland is SVP, Global Head of Mobility at Prologis. In this role Henrik is spearheading Prologis’ entry into the nascent Electric Vehicle (EV) industry where Prologis is uniquely positioned to provide customers with leading edge full turnkey mobility solutions. Before joining Prologis in July of 2021, Henrik was the Chief Operating Officer at Greenlots where he was responsible for the company’s ongoing operations, project engineering, delivery and end-to-end customer support. Prior to this, he spearheaded the Electric Mobility Corporate Development activities for Shell New Energies and led the acquisition of Greenlots. He was the founder of Shell’s Connected Energy group serving as its Business Development and Products lead, developing a pipeline with more than 100MW of customer sited distributed energy projects. Henrik has held positions at the Northeast Clean Energy Council, Greentown Labs, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center. Henrik serves on the Electric Vehicle Working Group, a federal advisory committee formed by the U.S. Joint Office of Energy and Transportation, as well as the Investor Advisory Board at NYSERDA and is a Techstars startup mentor. Henrik holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering and business administration. 

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