Melissa Brand: Making Opportunities

Melissa Brand

Melissa Brand

Director, Investment Services

During work hours, Melissa Brand runs the Investment Services team at Prologis UK. Her role is to work alongside the development team, analyzing investment opportunities, as well as identifying and articulating potential risks and returns to the business. After hours, she is a member of Team Ford EcoBoost, a successful new women’s cycling team.

When Melissa learned of the job opportunity at Prologis, she was sure it was the right fit for her. Melissa does not see the industrial property sector as hard for women. Instead, she believes that there are always opportunities for the right people. After finishing her degree in geography at the University of Exeter, she recognized that a career in real estate represented the best path for combining her interests in geography, math and law. That realization led to her decision to pursue a master’s in real estate from the University of Reading.

Since joining Prologis in 2013, Melissa has worked alongside the development team to analyze investment opportunities and detail prospective risks and returns to the business. Both professionally and in cycling, her colleagues have shown consistent support. Melissa has been cycling semi-professionally for four seasons—for exactly as long as she has been with Prologis. Many other Prologis employees are cycling enthusiasts, so they understand what it takes to combine a career in real estate with career in racing.

Melissa was delighted to be selected for Team Ford EcoBoost. “I love being part of such a great team, and the racing has been really exciting. Each race involves a lot of tactical planning, but once I am racing I have to think at lightning speed and this can be thrilling,” she said. She considers herself fortunate to have been selected in July 2015 for Le Tour – One Day Ahead challenge, which completed the 3,344-kilometer route of the 2015 Tour de France. Proceeds from the challenge benefited Cure Leukemia and Melissa raised £35,500 with the help of Prologis. According to Melissa, “The challenge was a great opportunity for me to raise funds for Cure Leukemia and show that women can cycle on equal terms with men.”

Melissa describes the ride as tough but a great way to learn about working as part of a group and leading a team. Mellisa’s advice to anyone thinking of combining career and sport at a semi-professional level is to “Make the most of every opportunity and plan ahead. You have to be focused. If you are going to make your mark, there is no time for messing around.”

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