Lisa Reddy’s Dream Job in a Male-Dominated Field

Lisa Reddy

Lisa Reddy

VP, Leasing Officer

Prologis leasing officer Lisa Reddy is not at her desk often. Based in Los Angeles, she spends most of her days out and about, working with brokers to lease Prologis properties, customers currently leasing space and potential tenants shopping for a new operations base. She also collaborates closely with Prologis colleagues in property management, accounting and construction roles.

Lisa is part of a small team that oversees 30 million square feet of property in Los Angeles and Orange counties. Her individual portfolio totals 13.5 million square feet, which includes 150 buildings and 250 leases.

She attributes her rise through the ranks at Prologis not only to her dedication but also to making the most of every opportunity that came her way. For example, she was invited to take part in a project that looked at the way the company ran its leasing system. As a result of the initiative, Prologis overhauled its global operations, reducing processing time and creating more face time with customer and brokers. Lisa says of the two-year commitment, “It showed them I understood all the components of the company and am here for long haul.”

To young women trying to chart a career path, Lisa recommends, “Have internships and talk to other people and ask them what they do on a daily basis. Talk to as many people as possible, and hear their stories. Learn about it, and see if you like it.” Lisa also recommends honesty. “The person on the other end of the conversation may not like what they hear, but they will appreciate the truth. When people know the real issue, they can work toward a better solution,” she says. To be successful, honesty is essential because, she explains, “It equals credibility.”

As a female in an industry where women make up only 35 percent of the workforce, Lisa admires Prologis because the company is actively working to hire and advance diverse employees, including women. Prologis is also supportive of working mothers, Lisa says. As the mother of three boys, she advises women “to first and foremost find a company that values employees who want both a career and a family.” Lisa brings her boys into her work world by showing them the properties in her portfolio.  

Lisa talks about her passion for her job: “My only suggestion to young people starting their careers is to love what you do. If you wake up every day dreading going to work, maybe you’re not doing the right thing. I love what I do, and I’m usually pretty excited to go to work in the morning.”

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