Customer Centricity—the Core of this Real Estate Professional’s Work

Danielle Schline

Danielle Schline

VP, Market Officer

Market officer and vice president Danielle Schline is responsible for Prologis’ Maryland and Virginia portfolios, which comprise 21 million square feet and accommodate 400 customers. Danielle is a member of Prologis’ “Essentials Champions” team—a diverse group of employees leading the charge to deliver industry-leading innovations to our customers. Danielle describes her role with PLD customers as “the core of my work, every day.” Her job involves meeting with customers to listen and learn about their businesses and help them solve their pain points, as well as supporting her team in their growth. Let’s hear more about how Danielle is taking customer centricity to the next level.

PLD Communications Team: Tell us about yourself, Danielle.

Danielle: I graduated from Hamilton College as an economics major. I started in real estate at development firm Manekin, with AMB Property Corporation as one of my clients. Before joining Prologis, I worked as a broker at Cushman & Wakefield. In 2012, Prologis contacted me about a role as a leasing manager in the Maryland market. I jumped at the chance to work on the ownership side, which allowed me to further develop relationships directly with customers. In 2016, I was promoted to market officer for the Baltimore/DC market. I am a board member and community service committee member for NAIOP-MD. Relationships have always been at the core of my career on the broker, client and customer side.

PLD Communications Team: Why Prologis?

Danielle: Prologis not only has the highest-quality assets, but also the best, brightest and hardest-working employees. I truly admire and believe in Prologis’ core values, and the many opportunities the company provides as we strive to offer the best service to our customers. I enjoy being able to find and create solutions. My commitment to our customers sits at the heart of Prologis’ increased focus on customer centricity. We have the ability to create solutions for each customers’ unique needs—this makes my job very rewarding.

PLD Communications Team: How does your experience relate to the company’s growth, globally?

Danielle: Only at Prologis can we connect the dots for our customers—not just at one location at a time but across the span of our global portfolio as we continually work to build long-term relationships with those who put their trust in us.

PLD Communications Team: What are your interests outside of work?
Danielle: On the weekends, I can be found on a soccer or lacrosse field with my 9-year-old son, 7-year-old daughter and coach husband. In the summer, we enjoy spending time at the beach boating and fishing with friends and family.

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