Creativity in Action—From Fashion Editorial and Museum Design to a Career in Logistics Real Estate

Begoña​  Sordo

Begoña​  Sordo

Marketing & Communications Manager

Marketing and communications manager Begoña​ Sordo is based in our Mexico City office. Known as Bego (bey-go) to those who know and love her, she has a colorful and diverse professional history that informs her day-to-day work at Prologis. We caught up with her recently to hear more about why she chose—and continues to choose—Prologis.

PLD Comms: Tell us about your background and how you came to arrive at a career at Prologis.

Begoña: I am a graphic designer with special studies in exhibition management, photography and, recently, innovation. I started my career in the editorial business, working at a fashion magazine as a graphic designer. Then, I moved to a museography company where I was part of a creative team that developed everything from museum logos to exhibitions.
By what I consider to be fate, or destiny, I took a job as a marketing manager at commercial real estate firm Jones Lang LaSalle. At first, I thought real estate would only be a temporary phase in my life. Now, here I am at Prologis, building my real estate experience at a sector-leading global company. I am so grateful. I have never looked back!

PLD Comms: Why Prologis?

Begoña: Prologis gave me the opportunity to grow faster than any other company in terms of knowledge and responsibilities—and to leave my comfort zone for an environment of constant learning in an enriching, multicultural environment. Prologis has an incredible focus on employees—I have met the most interesting, smart and passionate people ever from across the globe. It has been an amazing experience getting to learn from them.

PLD Comms: What does a day in the work life of Bego look like?

Begoña: For one, I learn so much all the time that I feel like I complete a master’s degree every year! I coordinate about 20 events per year—it’s a lot but very invigorating and creative, and Prologis provides the tools and support so we can develop our work. I am also part of an amazing team that encourages me to go beyond expectations. This is what I value the most.  I feel I have the best role at the company due to the dynamism of my position. One day I am managing an event and the next day I am coordinating an interview or a photography session. I never get bored!

PLD Comms: Marketing and communications is a varied, complex role—how do you define success?

Begoña: Success means creating memorable ways to connect with our customers, investors, communities and colleagues, whether through an event or a marketing campaign. Success also means a strategic focus on brand awareness, storytelling, differentiation and innovation, among other things.

PLD Comms: Can you give us some insight into how you personally handle change?

Begoña: Positive attitude plays a huge role in embracing change. It is not always easy but the final results have always proven to be worthwhile. Prologis is completely customer-driven. In my role, I have the opportunity to foster relationships between customers and teams. I am also responsible for listening to customers and communicating back to the team about how well we are satisfying their needs.

PLD Comms: Best career advice you’ve received?

Begoña: Be present, be consistent and be patient!

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