Prologis is pleased to welcome our new chief technology officer Sineesh Keshav. In this newly created position reporting to Prologis CEO Hamid Moghadam, Sineesh will lead the effort to harness and capture the myriad of opportunities that arise from Prologis’ scale. With goods representing 1.7 percent of the world’s GDP moving through Prologis warehouses each year, we have our fingers on the pulse of the global economy and the future flow of goods. Given this volume of economic activity, Sineesh believes that Prologis can use our data to help customers streamline their operations, inform our own development strategies and demonstrate the unique value of Prologis’ global platform. He envisions a future in which Prologis uses our scale and information to influence decisions and strategies in the global economy.

With a strong track record of achieving results and driving transformation, Sineesh comes to Prologis from Experian, where he was SVP of product development and information technology for the Decision Analytics division. Prior to Experian, Sineesh held key positions at American Express and Safeway. He led development of Amex's earliest mobile apps and Safeway’s customer-facing loyalty program. Through these efforts, he gained a wealth of knowledge about building and selling data and software products, as well as leading digital transformations in traditional businesses. He also has extensive experience with artificial intelligence and machine learning dating back more than 20 years to when he wrote his first neural network application. 

A consistent theme through Sineesh’s experience in four different industry verticals is applying technology to solve problems. His penchant for using data to gain competitive advantage started years ago, before data was democratized, when he was the commissioner of his fantasy football league. He recalls waiting for the Monday newspaper to tabulate scores. Even more so, he remembers wishing the process were easier. Now it is. Today, numerous apps provide real-time information.

Sineesh’s bent for data analysis has continued into his first weeks at Prologis headquarters. For the first time, he commutes to work using Bay Area Rapid Transit. For his first week, he meticulously recorded start times, end times and durations. The results of his experiment? A 20-minute swing, depending on when he starts his day.

Sineesh gives three reasons for joining Prologis. First, is our advantaged positioning for future growth. Second, Sineesh recounts, “In talking to Hamid and the executive team in interviews, I was struck by the fact that there was a willingness from the top to disrupt ourselves before we get disrupted.” His final reason is a strong desire to spend more time with his daughter before she goes off to college in a couple of years.

Sineesh is impressed with the state of IT at Prologis: “There is a strong foundation and this, along with a willingness to adopt and adapt the latest technology and a supportive forward-thinking executive team, positions Prologis to become as much an information provider as it is a logistics real estate provider.”

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