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Prologis earned seven Green Stars in the 2015 Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) Survey for outstanding performance in environmental stewardshipsocial responsibility and governance. The Green Star is GRESB’s highest award.

GRESB assesses, scores and ranks global real estate portfolios and their asset managers in the domains of environmental stewardship, social responsibility and corporate governance. Out of 707 real estate companies and funds assessed worldwide, Prologis was at the top in multiple categories. Prologis European Properties Fund II (PEPF II) ranked third in the European industrial sector. Prologis European Logistics Partners (PELP) ranked fifth in the European industrial sector. Nippon Prologis REIT ranked second in the Asian industrial sector. Prologis North American Industrial Fund (NAIF) ranked second in the U.S. industrial sector.

GRESB is an industry organization dedicated to assessing the sustainability of real estate portfolios around the globe. Institutional investors rely on the GRESB platform to ensure and improve the sustainability of their investment portfolios as well as the global property sector at large. Sustainability considerations are important also for Prologis’ joint ventures, such as the joint venture with Norges Bank Investment Management, who currently holds a seat on the GRESB board.

In addition to assessing companies and funds, the 2015 GRESB report provides new insights into the global real estate industry’s performance on renewable energy and sustainability. Their findings indicate that the industry achieved a 3-percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, a 50-percent increase in on-site renewable energy generation and a 19 percent improvement in overall ESG performance.

“The 2015 GRESB report and data show that the global property industry increasingly incorporates sustainability issues, making them a core part of business strategies,” said GRESB CEO Nils Kok. “The recent reductions in energy, carbon and water consumption achieved by the commercial real estate sector are impressive, yet in absolute terms, the sector’s environmental impact is significant and more work remains to be done.”

In addition to earning Green Stars, Prologis has two innovation case studies featured on the GRESB website. Each tells the story of Prologis’ continued focus on delivering high-quality, innovative improvements to our properties and practices that minimize environmental impacts. 

“We are very proud to have earned seven Green Stars and have our work around the world highlighted on the GRESB website,” said Jeannie Renné-Malone, vice president, Sustainability. “It truly is a reflection of Prologis' commitment to sustainability and recognition of our collective dedication to minimizing our environmental impacts, building goodwill in the communities where we work and live, and progress made on our ESG initiatives.”

Prologis is the global leader in industrial real estate and the world’s foremost provider of sustainable logistics facilities. Our position is guided by our longstanding commitment to minimizing the environmental and social impact of our operations and development activities to deliver long-term value to our customers, investors, employees and communities. We establish goals, design strategies, track progress and report outcomes across our global portfolio for the three dimensions of sustainability: EnvironmentalSocial and Governance.

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