Building 100 of Prologis Dutra RJ, located in Rio de Janeiro, has earned a LEED Platinum rating -- the highest honor from the U.S. Green Building Council and the first in Prologis history. This is no small feat, as Dutra RJ is one of only 37 warehouse projects in the world that has achieved a Platinum certification as a new build under the LEEDv2009 or newer rating system.

Prologis Dutra RJ was designed to fill a gap in the market for distribution centers that offer both high efficiency and sustainable design. Key features of Building 100 which minimized the environmental impacts of construction and operations include the following:

  • Excellent location: close access to transportation, community services and amenities.
  • Bicycle racks and changing rooms for employees.
  • EV charging stations for low-emission vehicles.
  • Cool roof and light-colored concrete paving to reduce the building’s heat island effect.
  • Water-efficient landscaping to leverage natural rainfall for irrigation.
  • Water-efficient plumbing fixtures to reduce the building’s water consumption.
  • Onsite renewable energy, in the form of PV panels, to help offset energy consumption.
  • Low VOC materials to improve the environmental quality of interior spaces.
  • Skylights for natural daylight and, in turn, a more pleasant and healthier work environment.
  • More than 95% of waste generated during construction reused or recycled.

Building 100 at Prologis Dutra RJ is an example of Prologis’ modern, efficient and resilient building design that saves money for customers and minimizes impacts on local communities. The space is currently 100% leased.

Prologis views its approach to sustainable design as a competitive advantage. In fact, it set a goal in 2020 that 100% of new developments and redevelopments will achieve sustainable building certification each year (based on number of projects). As of year-end 2019, Prologis had 142.9 million square feet of sustainably certified spaces across 397 projects in 18 countries.

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