At Prologis, we recognize that employees may face complex ethical issues and dilemmas daily in their work on behalf of the company. Our corporate culture—which is designed to uphold the highest ethical standards, as embodied in our core values and reflected in the acronym “IMPACT”—is strengthened by regular ethics training and certification that reminds all of our employees about our corporate beliefs and values.

Prologis not only provides regular ethics training in every country where we do business, but the Prologis “Code of Ethics and Business Conduct” has been translated into 15 languages to ensure better understanding of our ethical obligations. In addition, every Prologis office is strongly focused on disseminating ethics awareness and promoting ethical behaviors. Toward that end, some training is in person while other training is completed via video conference. In China, for example, over 100 employees were trained in person and in Mandarin Chinese by our legal team with support from a local Chinese lawyer. Nearly 500 employees in the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain and the UK have participated in video conference training, which is convenient for all involved and contributes to our environmental efforts by avoiding the GHG emissions associated with travel.  Finally, employees also receive quarterly reminders via The Hub on ethical topics, such as insider trading, gifts and entertainment, and avenues for reporting potential ethical issues.

In addition to the regular ethics training existing employees receive, all new hires also receive ethics training at the commencement of their employment. This is to familiarize them with our corporate culture and the policies set forth in the Prologis “Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.” Through these various training and awareness initiatives, employees learn to recognize and evaluate ethical dilemmas more clearly, seek out advice when necessary and report potential problems through appropriate channels. In all cases and at all times, employees are encouraged to discuss ethics-related questions and concerns with their supervisors. The Prologis Ethics Committee maintains an independent 24-hour helpline for reporting ethical concerns. The Committee also allows employees to submit inquiries and report ethics violations anonymously online. 

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