With a population of about 1.8 million, Warsaw is the dynamic and vibrant capital of Poland — a nation of 38 million which is rapidly integrating into the global economy.  Measured by purchasing power parity, Poland has grown to become the world’s 23rd-largest economy.

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Warsaw is Poland’s political, financial, cultural and commercial capital. Thanks to rising consumption and a growing volume of trade — spurred on by Poland’s membership in the European Union — Warsaw is an important regional and international center for distribution and logistics. Warsaw Chopin Airport is the largest airport in Poland. Cargo shipments at the airport are rising at an annual rate of nearly 15 percent.

Warsaw sits at the junction of several major highways, freight rail lines, and the Vistula River. The Warsaw region is home to many industries, including auto manufacturing. Poland’s economy is highly integrated with that of the rest of Europe, and especially with its neighbor, Germany. A robust network of industrial properties and warehouses services manufacturers are based in the Warsaw region. With more than 4 million square meters, Warsaw has the largest stock of logistics space in Poland.

With a significant share of the local market, Prologis is the leading provider of industrial properties and warehouses in the Warsaw region. Prologis also has available warehouses in Teresin and operates industrial properties throughout the Teresin region.

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