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Prologis, the world’s leader in logistics real estate, sources professional dock door service and repair contractors to help warehouse managers avoid downtime and keep facilities running smoothly.

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Don’t let a failed dock door shut you down

A stuck dock door can jam up an entire warehouse operation by disrupting workflow, undercutting employee productivity and posing a potential liability risk. Preventative dock maintenance helps avoid such problems. Prologis recommends these maintenance services to keep your warehouse running smoothly.

  • Structural Inspection 

  • Lubrication 

  • Adjustments 

  • Housekeeping

  • Dock Application Measurements 

Structural Inspection

  • Inspect installation welds at front and rear of dock leveler.
  • Inspect concrete and curb angle integrity.
  • Inspect deck/ramp for dishing/deflection.
  • Inspect shim installation and welds.
  • Inspect weather seal condition.
  • Inspect toe guards.
  • Inspect deck/ramp hinge assembly.
  • Inspect lip hinge assembly.
  • Inspect dock activation assembly: springs and lifting arms.
  • Inspect spring adjustment rod.
  • Inspect holdown/ratchet bar assembly and pull chain.
  • Inspect lip extension assembly (cable and spring, if applicable).
  • Inspect cross traffic leg assembly operation and pull chain.
  • Inspect all structural welds.
  • Inspect safety maintenance strut and lip lock assembly.
  • Inspect any optional or accessory equipment.
  • Verify all safety equipment.


  • Lubricate lip hinge pins.
  • Lubricate lip extension assembly.
  • Lubricate deck/ramp hinge pins.
  • Lubricate pull rod/lifting assembly.
  • Lubricate all grease fittings.


  • Cycle equipment and verify proper operation.
  • Adjust lip extension assembly as needed.
  • Adjust lifting arm/spring assembly as needed.


  • Remove debris and clean dock leveler pit.
  • Remove debris from lip and rear hinge areas.
  • Clean and inspect holdown pawl assembly.

Dock Application Measurements

  • Measure door size (width x height and overhead obstructions).
  • Measure approach grade (at 50 feet from dock wall).
  • Measure bumper size (projection x height x width).