• Install LED lighting and solar power, lower carbon footprint and make future procurement more convenient.
  • LED fixtures.
  • Prologis SolarSmart.
  • Prologis Essentials Marketplace.
  • Converted series of warehouses to LED lighting and solar power.
  • Helped centralize management of LED and solar power installations across the company’s warehouses to achieve corporate objective to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Streamlined the procurement process for products and services.

Prologis Essentials solutions managers (ESMs) have supported this 3PL’s logistics warehouse managers by helping to convert their warehouses to LED lighting and solar power to help reduce costs, improve productivity and create a safer work environment. Thus far, the combined LED installations have reduced the 3PL’s total carbon emissions by 2,401 metric tons globally plus an additional 1,358-metric-ton reduction though solar installations. A company manager in Dallas praised the Prologis team for exemplary workmanship when installing LED in his warehouse and tailoring the install to his schedule to avoid disrupting operations. This kind of positive feedback is important when Prologis ESMs advise other facility managers about the benefi ts of moving to LED.

Customer care leads to opportunity for centralized procurement.

A Prologis Essentials solutions manager discussed the advantages of LED lighting with one of the company’s warehouse managers in Columbus, Ohio, during customer care visits. As it happened, the customer's director of procurement was also looking for a more powerful and convenient solution to enable his centralized team to support a corporate-wide initiative to lower the company’s carbon footprint across its entire warehouse portfolio.Prologis was given the opportunity to brief the company’s senior executives about our many successful LED and solar installations and the estimated carbon reductions. The customer decided to move forward with the Columbus LED implementation and also pursue audits and quotes for the company’s remaining locations in North America.

A more streamlined procurement process.

Additionally, the 3PL’s executives were pleased to discover how many products and services they can procure through Prologis Essentials, including janitorial services, dock maintenance, HVAC and fans. Prologis Essentials provides a convenient solution for the company’s centralized procurement team to manage the many urgent requests they receive from local warehouse managers. Having each procurement manager bookmark the Prologis Essentials Marketplace—as a single account—on their off ice computers vastly speeds up the process. The company relies on the scale of Prologis to bring best-in-class products and services at competitive pricing.

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