Is My Business Impacted by WAIRE?

The WAIRE Program, or Warehouse Indirect Source Rule (ISR) 2305, impacts all fleet or warehouse operators with facilities over 100,000 square feet in the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD). Prologis specializes in providing custom solutions to customers affected by WAIRE compliance, offering significant savings at no upfront cost.

Three Steamlined Steps to Savings

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1. WAIRE Assessment 

Calculate your WAIRE obligation in 30 minutes. We’ll help you establish an implementation schedule and explore strategies to minimize commitment and maximize WAIRE points.

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2. Project Design

Save money on compliance costs and achieve your sustainability goals with a completely customizable fleet electrification solution.

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3. Implementation + Monitoring

Transition with simplicity and speed. We ensure reliable and efficient fleet operations when and where you need it most. Control and access real-time reporting with our mobility intelligence platform.  

Optimize Your Investment With Prologis Mobility

Examples of custom solutions that can save you money:

Zero Emissions (ZE) Yard Truck + Chargers$363,000 in annual savings 
or 363 WAIRE points
ZE Class 8 Truck + Chargers$312,000 in annual cost savings 
or 312 WAIRE points

Turbocharge Your Drive to Zero Emissions


miles electrified


vehicles charging


operational EV sites


of EV charging stations located at third-party sites

Get WAIRE Compliant Today

Reach out to our experts in your region—we’ll streamline your transition with no upfront costs. 

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