Through the replacement of four 1940’s era warehouses, the SF Gateway will upgrade and transform 448,000 sf of existing PDR into over 1 million square feet of flexible and innovative PDR space. Housed in two state-of-the-art multistory facilities, the SF Gateway is designed to meet the most pressing operational challenges of PDR businesses. A unique ramp design prioritizes efficient movement of goods and vehicles, allowing the facility to be self-contained and operate seamlessly with the surrounding area. The project will aid the continued transformation of the Bayview Market Zone, provide amenities to enhance the neighborhood, create jobs and advance the local economy. Improved streets, dedicated street-level Maker space and retail will bring much-needed upgrades and activity to the neighborhood. SF Gateway will help usher in a new resilient and sustainable supply chain through significant investments in rooftop solar and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

By investing in a modern facility, the project will provide much-needed space for PDR businesses to grow and continue to support city life. The flexible and innovative design will ensure the building can meet current and future demand, serving existing operations and attracting new and evolving industries.


Guiding Principles

SF Gateway is founded on three guiding principles: good jobs, community focus and innovative PDR.

Sf Gateway Principle Good Jobs

Good Jobs

Generator of good PDR jobs.

  • Deliver high-quality, low-barrier-to-entry PDR jobs that offer opportunities for upward mobility.
  • Generate a substantial number of union construction jobs and apprenticeships.
  • Provide substantial PDR-specific workforce training and hiring programs for local community members.
  • Support small local businesses.
  • Improve the wellness of workers through thoughtful design.
Sf Gateway Guiding Principle Community

Community Focus

Invested for the long term in Bayview–Hunters Point community.

  • Develop lasting infrastructure improvements to enhance pedestrian safety and neighborhood connectivity.
  • Provide dedicated space for local makers and new business opportunities for local retail owners.
  • Amplify local artists through onsite art installations.
  • Engage in long-term collaboration with local businesses and PDR partners to support Bayview–Hunters Point.
SF Gateway Principle Innovation PDR

Innovative PDR

Committing to the development of modern, sustainable, and responsible PDR.

  • Embrace design innovation through multilevel urban infill development.
  • Provide high level of sustainability features including renewable energy, electrification, and stormwater management.
  • Improve resiliency and stability of local supply chain.
  • Install the largest solar array in the city, leading the transition to a cleaner electrified future.
  • Construct a LEED certified building with design specs to meet significant environmental goals.



permanent onsite PDR jobs and 2,125 union construction jobs

1,000,000 SF

of modern PDR space

980,000 SF

of PDR support space, facilitating efficient building operation

3.2 MW

the city’s largest rooftop solar installation

35,000 SF

street-level Makerspace 

8,400 SF

ground-floor retail