Nagoya is Japan’s third most populous metropolitan area with close to 11 million people. A manufacturing powerhouse, the city of Nagoya accounts for 1 percent of global and 11 percent of domestic GDP. Nagoya’s economy is greater than Poland’s and nearly the size of Switzerland’s. 


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Automotive, aircraft, machine and electrical component manufacturing are the region’s largest industries, driving demand for industrial properties and warehouses. Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Fuji, Toshiba, Brother, Sony, Hitachi, Kyocera and Sharp, among others, all have major manufacturing and administrative presences in Nagoya.

Nagoya maintains a highly developed logistics and transportation infrastructure with a comprehensive and modern network of airports, seaports, roadways and rail lines. The Central Japan International Airport handled nearly 600,000 tons of cargo in 2013, more than 20 percent of the national total. The region is served by three major ports, including Japan’s biggest, the Port of Nagoya, which handles some 17 million tons of cargo annually and connects Japanese trade to 39 nations around the world. The Port of Yokkaichi maintains an active distribution network to China, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries. The Port of Mikawa specializes in the import and export of automobiles, with Volkswagen, General Motors and Ford, among others, using it as their distribution point.

Prologis operates industrial property and has available warehouses in Nagoya.

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