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Assets Under Management

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Square Feet

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Data as of June 30, 2021. AUM is the fair value of real estate properties and development projects in the Strategic Capital business and includes our estimate of the gross value of real estate that could be acquired using existing equity commitments from Prologis and our partners assuming target leverage levels are used.
Assets Under Management: Representing 48% of Prologis’ total AUM.

Why invest with us

We leverage our distinct corporate structure and industry-leading position to deliver substantial added value for investors, as evidenced by our proven investment track record.*

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Owner/Operator Model

We directly manage the entire life cycle of our properties and streamline services and support for our customers.

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Customer Centricity

We build lifelong partnerships with our customers and listen, learn and use the power of our scale to solve their pain points, delivering value beyond real estate.

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Access to Proprietary Pipeline

Our open-end Funds have periodic access to newly developed, income-producing assets from Prologis.

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Our global scale allows us to offer our customers a wide array of unique real estate solutions while generating operational efficiencies for our business.

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Sector Specialization

Investing in, owning and operating logistics real estate properties is our only business—we benefit from a concentrated focus with clear objectives.

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ESG Leadership

From building certifications to carbon strategies, labor solutions to solar development, we are a leader in delivering tangible ESG solutions and value to all our stakeholders.
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*Past performance does not indicate future results.

Investor alignment

Prologis is resolute in aligning its interests with our investors’ and has established a number of measures to ensure alignment over the long term.

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We are a material investor in all our Strategic Capital Funds, with co-investment levels ranging from 15 to 55 percent. As a general partner, we provide investors security through our durable, A-rated balance sheet, best-in-class portfolio and customer-centric focus.

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One-Portfolio Policy

We operate on an ownership-blind basis so our teams on the ground can focus on creating operational excellence across all Funds and ventures.

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Allocation Policy

We include a rotational policy to ensure consistency of deployment across ownership. Generally, the real estate investment trust (REIT) will not compete with any Fund or venture for an investment opportunity. When a property is within a Fund’s investment guidelines, it is generally allocated to the Fund, not the REIT.

Current funds

Our 10 vehicles, each with specific geographic and risk profiles, target logistics real estate located in high-consumption, high-barrier-to-entry markets. By leveraging the scale and scope of the Prologis platform, our vehicles focus on delivering industry-leading, risk-adjusted returns with a superior investor experience.

Private, open-ended funds

Aerial view of Prologis Park LAX Logistics Center in Los Angeles, California

Prologis Targeted U.S. Logistics Fund

Formed: 2004
Strategy: Core
Region: United States
Buildings: 737
MSF: 122.0
Prologis Co-Investment: 25.4%

Natural light flooding interior of distribution center in Tilburg, Netherlands

Prologis European Logistics Fund

Formed: 2007
Strategy: Core
Region: Europe
Buildings: 557
MSF: 132.3
Prologis Co-Investment: 23.7%

Aerial view of Prologis Park Beijing Airport in Beijing, China

Prologis China Core Logistics Fund

Formed: 2019
Strategy: Core
Region: China
Buildings: 88
MSF: 21.5
Prologis Co-Investment: 15.8%

Additional Ventures

Prologis European Logistics Partners 2013 Private JV | Closed Core Europe

Prologis UK Logistics Venture

2017 Private JV | Closed Core and Development Europe

Prologis China Logistics Ventures

2011 Private JV | Closed Development China
Prologis U.S. Logistics Venture 2014 Private JV | Closed Core United States

Prologis Brazil Logistics Venture

2019 Private JV | Closed Core and Development Brazil
FIBRA Prologis* 2014 Public | Open Core Mexico
Nippon Prologis REIT** 2013 Public | Open Core Japan

*Trades on the Mexican Stock Exchange
**Trades on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
This does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy securities in any existing or to to-be-formed issuer. Any offer or solicitation will only be made by means of a complete Memorandum and definitive documentation in a transaction exempt from the registration requirements of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended and applicable laws in any other jurisdiction in which securities may be offered.

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Martina Malone, Managing Director, Global Head of Capital Raising

Martina Malone

Managing Director, Global Head of Capital Raising

Work: +44 (20) 7518 8711
Mobile: +44 (0) 7887 675523
Email: [email protected]
Based in London

Jamie Cameron

Jamie Cameron

Head of Client Relations, Western Europe and Middle East

Work: +44 (20) 7518 8710
Mobile: +44 (0) 7584 243188
Email:  [email protected]
Based in London

Oscar Ciudad Apolinar

Oscar Ciudad Apolinar

Head of Client Relations, Southern Europe and Latin America

Work: +31 (0)20 6551903
Mobile: +31 (0)6 15442958
Email: [email protected]
Based in Amsterdam

Kosta Karmaniolas

Kosta Karmaniolas

Head of Client Relations, Western U.S.

Work: +1 (310) 338 3276
Mobile: +1 (925) 998 5710
Email: [email protected]
Based in Los Angeles

Nathan Paine

Nathan Paine

Head of Client Relations, Eastern U.S., Canada, Asia and Australiasia

Work:  +1 (415) 733 9491
Mobile: +1 (415) 416 0171
Email: [email protected]
Based in Boston

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