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Prologis Mobility — ACT Expo 2024

Our Experts at ACT

Hear from the Prologis Mobility team as they cover the technologies, policies, and programs accelerating the shift towards sustainable transportation.

Les Garrison
Preparing Your Facility for Alternative Fuels with Les Garrison

Monday, May 20 | 10:15 am - 11:30 am

This panel discussion provides insight into the diverse ways that alternative fuels change site operations and development decisions. You'll learn about the specialized safety considerations for high voltage systems and/or fuels like hydrogen, as well as the tools required to be able to maintain and safely work on alternative fuel vehicles.

Andy Manos
EV Charging Part 1a: Light and Medium Duty Fleet Case Studies with Andy Manos

Wednesday, May 22 | 2:00 pm – 03:15 pm

This session will feature industry leaders who have played a pivotal role in scaling charging operations for small to mid-weight vehicles and facilitating the widespread deployment of charging infrastructure. Learn from the fleets directly on the progression of their infrastructure journey and learnings, cost mitigation strategies and available federal and state incentives.

Henrik Holland
EV Charging Event – Session Keynote: Prologis Mobility with 
Henrik Holland

Thursday, May 23 | 10:15 am – 10:30 am

Hear directly from one of the foremost fleet electrification experts on what it takes to deploy charging at scale and what we must, as an industry, work toward to achieve broader market adoption of sustainable transportation technology and infrastructure.

Electrify With Simplicity and Speed

Whether or not you're located in a Prologis warehouse, we’re your dedicated partner, keeping you powered onsite and on the go, with our subscription-based, all-in-one platform.


miles electrified


operational EV sites


of charging stations at third-party sites

Innovative Mobility Solutions
Fleet Electrification

We’ll help transition your fleet with turnkey charger access and zero upfront cost. Our end-to-end service and expansive global network keep your business moving forward.

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Mobility solution depot charging
Depot Charging

Fleet charging at warehouses for drayage, last-mile delivery, yard tractors, forklifts and more.

Mobility solution hub charging
Hub Charging

Subscription-based fleet charging at dedicated sites along common routes and near key locations.

Prologis Mobility solution ondemand charging
OnDemand Power

Fast, portable chargers fully integrated with reliable, uninterrupted power generators for instant electrification at depos and hubs

Prologis solution hydrogen power charging
Hydrogen Fueling

We provide zero-emissions fueling for your vehicles and onsite generators at our hubs to keep your fleet moving.

Workplace Charging

Passenger vehicle charging for distribution center employees to empower your team’s sustainability efforts.

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Accelerate your drive to zero emissions. Prologis Mobility offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to help you transition and power your fleet with reliability, flexibility and speed—so you can stay ahead of the curve.


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