Real Estate Savvy and a Passion for Collaboration Bring Career Expansion and Satisfaction to a Prologis Team Member in France

Soraya Dicop

Soraya Dicop

Marketing and Communications Specialist, Southern Europe

Soraya Dicop is a marketing and communications specialist for our Southern Europe region. Based in beautiful Paris, Soraya brings a wealth of knowledge about real estate—including the mortgage industry and development. With her broad spectrum of experience, she is yet another great example of what it takes to build and deepen a career through hard work, passion for the business and creativity. We’re lucky to have her! Here’s our interview with Soraya.

PLD Comms: Your background is fascinating—tell us more…

Soraya: I graduated in languages (English, German, Spanish) and executive assistantship for international companies. I also speak Arabic thanks to my Algerian roots. This year, I plan to obtain a specialized communications certificate to further support my current work and expand my expertise.

My story with real estate started a long time ago as a commercial assistant in a mortgage real estate agency. Prior to Prologis, I worked in the development department at Nexity. In April 2007, I met François Rispe [managing director, regional head/Southern Europe] and thus began my journey with Prologis. François hired me as his personal assistant and office manager for the Paris office. Part of my role at that time involved managing communications, marketing and events. During my first annual evaluation, François told me that I had the skills and passion for marketing and communications, and that I might have the opportunity to pursue a future career path in this arena—which, I am happy to say, indeed did happen!

PLD Comms: Why Prologis, still, after all these years?

Soraya: I feel aligned with and enjoy Prologis’ team-based culture, which encourages employees to participate at every level. I have always viewed our people and communities as part of our overall company culture and values. Further, I appreciate the collaborative spirit of my colleagues around the world. In my role, I interact with many different departments and people locally and globally, which is very enriching. I recently volunteered to be an inclusion and diversity champion for my region, which gives me the opportunity to work on a variety of innovative solutions designed to bring many broad-reaching benefits to the company. 

PLD Comms: Can you name a challenge you met with creativity and innovation that could in turn inspire others in their work?

Soraya: Yes, I have a great example: In September 2019, I worked in close collaboration with the Leasing team in France and the Customer Experience team in Europe to organize our inaugural French Customer Advisory Board around the theme of “innovation.” This was a first for the company in France, and we managed, as a team, to make this event a success. My role was to plan and organize the whole event, from finding the venue to preparing materials, presentations and customer interviews. I’m proud of this event, as it showed that our focus of placing the customer at the heart of our priority is very real.

PLD Comms: And…outside of work?

Soraya: I practice yoga and meditation. I really enjoy both: yoga challenges me while meditation helps me to stay focused and positive in my thinking. I recently discovered hiking with the Stelvio challenge in Northern Italy. It was an amazing experience for a good cause! I am keen on travelling all around the world; I have been lucky to have wonderful memories of Bali, Thailand, Mexico—and I have a soft spot for Brazil and its bossa nova music. As a mom of two young children, I make sure to keep things interesting—we love to cook, go to museums and spend time outdoors. I also obtained my first aid certificate at work—just in case anyone might need to know this! 

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