A Perspective on Industrial Property Management: Randy Kelch

Randy Kelch, maintenance tech

Randy Kelch

Operations Construction Manager

Before becoming Prologis’ youngest maintenance technician, one of Randy Kelch's former employer was a government contractor at the China Lakes Weapon Station. While there, Randy witnessed tests for the Sidewinder Missile Project. Always on the lookout for talent, Prologis hired Randy when he was just 24. The relationship worked out for both parties, and after more than 18 years as a Prologis maintenance technician, Randy could not remember a dull moment. Whether he’s planning an off-the grid-camping trip, drying his own beef jerky or planning a low-water landscape installation, Randy always has something going on.

When asked to share favorite stories from his years on the Prologis Southern California in-house property management team, it doesn’t take him long: “During the early hours one morning, my phone rang. It was a property manager explaining that the sprinklers had been activated in one of our warehouses, and one of our other maintenance techs was onsite and needed assistance. The rain was pounding down. We had just inspected the property’s roof, and it was in perfect condition. Nevertheless, the roof had collapsed. First time for me, but a plastic bag had blown onto the roof, blocking the primary and secondary roof drains. The weight of the water was so heavy that it caused the roof to cave-in. The entire structure was compromised.

“As if that wasn’t bad enough, in this particular warehouse, one tenant was in the middle of moving out and another was moving in. I was looking at two unhappy customers and double the liability.  After a brief team meeting, we developed a plan and went to work to implement it.

“I got on my cell phone, and in a few hours we had a small army of people working to stabilize the building. Mind you, this was in the middle of the night on a holiday weekend.

“Thanks to the quick response from a wide range of vendors in our network, plus our own people, the building was fully functional for our existing customer within a three-week period. During this time, we were able to shore up the roof, put the roof’s structural components back in place and repair damaged electrical, fire, plumbing and roof systems. Our new customer’s move-in was delayed slightly due to time entailed in rebuilding the office pod. I estimate that it would have taken a less experienced team of professionals two or even three times as long."

Park Grande, Building


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