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We have a digital learning and development training program with logistics certifications—all designed to build the competencies of your logistics frontline workers and managers. In addition, we provide the latest technology solutions to increase the productivity and safety of your workers.

Prologis Learning Academy

“I quit”:  These are two words no fulfillment operation ever wants to hear. Today, keeping operations moving is essential to the success of global fulfillment for companies of all sizes. Together with accredited supply chain organizations, our learning academy provides training and education to build skills for all positions in warehousing, distribution and logistics—equipping your team and your business with the ability to thrive.

Prologis Community Workforce Initiative (CWI)

Through this initiative, launched in 2018, we build a talent pipeline for our customers with an emphasis on revitalizing career pathways and creating economic opportunity in the communities where we operate. In partnership with Jobs for the Future (JFF), a national nonprofit that drives transformation in the American workforce and education systems, we’ve designed a digital learning and development program to build competencies for today’s logistics workforce.

Talent Hiring and Retention Platform

Through Prologis partner WorkStep, we can help you acquire and retain the best logistics talent for your hourly workforce needs. We’ll help you find the right employee fit and hire faster with intelligent screening. Once hired, we’ll provide real-time feedback, insights and suggested actions to keep your workers highly engaged and empower managers to take the right actions to improve frontline retention and drive organizational improvements at your facility.

Training and Certification

We offer online training and logistics certifications. Our online program addresses basic workforce skills, lean principles and logistics-specific training in such areas as workplace safety and forklift operation. The courses leverage the latest technologies—even virtual reality tools—to enhance the learning experience.

Productivity and Safety Wearables

Outfit your workforce with wearable technology that directly benefits productivity and safety with real-time actionable data.

Designed for industrial environments—and featuring rugged cutting-edge sensors that help your employees perform tasks safely and efficiently—wearable technology reduces worker fatigue and injuries, while increasing speed and efficiency.

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